Mikesch Muecke
lightromeMikesch Muecke, Chief Editor at Culicidae Press, holds degrees from the University of Florida and Princeton University. When he’s not knee-deep into publishing, he teaches design studios, history/theory seminars, and courses on digital applications in the Architecture Department at Iowa State University. As polytekton he maintains a design/build practice and continues to create at every scale, from photographs and posters via books and pamphlets to full scale interior designs and small buildings. More information about his design work can be found online at polytekton.com. He recently published a photography book — Museyrooms — about people and art in museums, through his personal imprint at Obvious Press. For more information click here.

Peer Review Readers

Any manuscript flying in through our transom is stripped of any identifiable author information and sent to at least two peer reviewers who respond with their assessments/recommendations of the text. The editor then compiles the findings and sends them back to the author(s) with either a positive (publish) or negative (don’t publish) evaluation. Often times the answer is “don’t publish yet but continue to improve the text.”