Black and White Books

Longstaff – In the Shadow of the Dragon’s Back

About In the Shadow of the Dragon’s Back: A Young American Girl in South Africa During the Early Years of Apartheid The book is the story of a young American girl living in South Africa during the early years of apartheid (1948-1960). One of six children of a Swedenborgian minister […]

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Brantley – Transatlantic Trio

About the Book (from the Prologue) Francis Jeffrey’s indictment of William Wordsworth’s The Excursion (1814) as “mystical verbiage of the Methodist pulpit”—“This will never do!”—will itself never do (Jeffrey 463, 465). Charles Lamb’s praise of The Excursion as “natural methodism” provides a fuller, more positive clue to the historical, interdisciplinary […]

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Howard – The Girl with Wings

About the Book From the author of Discovering the Body, (“…a book so sure-handed and graceful that you might forget it’s a murder mystery…” New York Times Book Review) comes a suspenseful story of doubt, delusion and fierce loyalty. Linda Garbo’s good friend Esther, a voice actress, has a remarkable […]

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Zach – For The Birds

About the Book For this second edition (2015) Dr. Zach updated her For the Birds book, which was originally published in 2005. The book is an intuitive and interactive way to learn how to read music by combining music notation with biographies of twenty-five internationally known women composers from four thousand years ago […]

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Koch – Sacred and Secular Music

Sacred and Secular Music/Geistliche und Weltliche Musik is a bi-lingual English/German music book by organist, composer, and retired professor of music Jobst Hermann Koch who arranged this collection of four-part SATB choral pieces especially for Culicidae Press. Koch has more than fifty years of organ performance, choir conducting, and teaching experience, and […]

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Merritt – Perspective Drawing

About the Book A book that teaches hands-on perspective drawing using the projected image method developed by architect and former University of Florida architecture professor Harry Merritt. The book includes detailed instructions on how to generate one-, two- and three-point perspectives. With many illustrations and a Preface by Culicidae Architectural […]

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